Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 31: Tin Cans and String

Welcome to a jam packed episode of the Triple-click Home Podcast. John Panarese was unable to join the team this time around for exciting and mysterious reasons of which we cannot yet speak, so Jamie joined Alena and Buddy for this week’s show. From the top of the news to the unveiling of a new reference book for Voiceover users of the Mac, there is a lot to love about this month’s offering. Add in a dash of lively discussion surrounding your feedback, and we have quite a show for you this time around. Enough with the introductions. Let’s jump right to the …

Top of the News

NFB Adopts Resolution Urging Apple to Require All iOS Apps to Be Accessible

KNFBReader iOS App Announced for $99

Expensive Apps For iPhone and iPad

New update to iBlink Radio

Apple announces iTunes U update with iPad Course Creation, Student Discussions & more

Apple iMac 21.5-Inch (2014) Review & Rating

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts every new Mac owner needs to know!

Apple TV adds ABC News, AOL On, PBS Kids, Willow TV, and redesigned Flickr app

How to use Apple TV: The ultimate guide

New privacy enhancements coming to iOS 8 in the fall

Another rumor claims September 19 iPhone 6 launch, no 16GB version

How Disney Could Help Apple Create a Killer iWatch

Apple’s software ju-jitsu


This month, Jamie interviews Janet Ingber about her new book Learning to Use the Mac with Voiceover. This is an extremely valuable resource for anyone who is new to the Mac as well as those who simply want a good reference book at their fingertips, and who doesn’t need that from time to time. Our thanks to Janet for sharing her time with us this month.

Also check out iOS Access for All: Your comprehensive guide to accessibility for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. by Shelly Brisbin

You can also listen to Lisa Salinger’s interview with Shelly on SeroTalk Podcast 203.

AudioSpeed Racing now available for Mac and PC

Weather Radio by WDT

AFB Launches an App for AFB CareerConnect and It’s FREE!

Announcing the launch of Spoken 21; an accessible blackjack game

The Drive: An app designed to lead the blind safely

5 Years of VoiceOver: Look How Far We’ve Come

Team Picks

This time around, Jamie recommends weather radio, discussed earlier in the podcast. There appears to be a dirth of new apps in the Brannan household, but not to worry as Alena comes to the rescue with the following recommendations

Exploring Braille

Blindfold Racer
And finally, Math Robot.

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