Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 32: That’s How We Roll

The Triple-click Home team has been super busy this summer, so we decided to give them a bit of a vacation–well, most of them, anyway. Jamie and Buddy decided to change up the podcast a bit this month, and the rest of the gang agreed.

This time around, Jamie Pauls takes a few minutes to demonstrate our shiny new version of iBlink Radio for the Mac.

Lisa shows us how to use Fantastical 2, a calendar for iOS that meets her specific needs in a way that the native calendar does not.

Finally, Jamie interviews the developers of Crossly, a crossword puzzle game for iOS that many in the blind community are enjoying.

Next time around, the team hopes to be able to talk about all the cool stuff Apple plans to release this year. That should make for a full show, indeed and we will include your feedback as well. Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer!

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