Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 2: Extra Thingies


We start the show with some big non Apple related news. First up, we welcome our new host Alena Roberts to the program. Then, we thank all of you for making the show one of the most popular of the new series on the SeroTalk podcast network. The numbers of listeners were through the roof! Thank you for tuning into our show..


In The News

FBI uses Carrier IQ Data  

Want to know more about Carrier  IQ? Check out SeroTalk 87

Why android will be laggier to iOS

Is Apple using patents  to harm open standards?

Are you paying Apple too much for E-Books?

Animated Beatles Yellow Submarine hits iBooks for free

Goodbye textbooks, hello iPad

The iPad is not a PC, and neither are Windows 8 tablets


Broken By Design

In this portion of the show we focus on apps that seem to be broken upon release or who have been broken through an update over time.

Apple’s Newsstand



As the discussion continued, we then conversed on the topic of “Free versus Paid” apps

oMoby versus

Look Tell

TweetList versus

Twitter in iOS 5

Pete reminds us that TweetList works with Box Car for those who want notifications from support from TweetList

Facebook versus

Facely HD

and Focus For Facebook

Siri versus Dragon Dictate


Games People Play

Keri Regan asked us on Twitter about games to check out for iOS. Here are some we mentioned on the show…

Dimensions: Adventures in the Multiverse  

King of Dragon Pass

Moxie 2 HD

De Steno Games

And Alena recommends the Apple Vis  website to find out more about accessible games and apps.



We had a question come in about Logic Express accessibility, however, the link below may shed some light on the future of that program for the mac.

Logic Pro comes to the Mac App Store, Logic Express Dropped In The Process


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