Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 35: mid-life crisis edition

In this episode of Triple Click Home, even though it is going through a mid life crisis, get to know our new team and why iCloud is useful for showing that criminals and cows get smarter every day. Or do they?


Is Apple really declining in accessibility? In this opinion piece the hosts share their opinions about this very question.

why is it that iPhones are linked to a higher income but yet the 70% of unemployed blind need them for accessibility? An interesting study shows statistics of iPhone useage, wherein Montana happens to be in the lead.

How do you think Home Kit will effect your life? The team discusses Home Kit’s integration and just a few possibilities in which it could be useful.

50% of smart phone activations were iPhones, in q4 alone. An article from MacTrast explains this in further detail.

iPad thieves accidentally send their faces and names to victim’s iCloud. And to quote Mr. Harvey ‘here’s the rest of the story

Who would have thought, even as little as 5 years ago that one could buy a Coke and a Snickers from a vending machine, with just an iPhone? Looks like science fiction is now becoming fact

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