Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 36: Lollipops are über Trivial

In this episode of Triple-Click Home the hosts discuss the upcoming Apple event, as well as speculate the importance of lollipops. Wait, really?


It’s amazing that Steve Jobs would have been sixty. Tim Cook comemorates Steve Jobs on a recent trip to Germany

Is the Apple car just a rumor? Many different theories as all things speculation are. The hosts have their own guesses to add to the pile.

Team App Picks

Do you need to get somewhere, but you’re not near public transit, or you’re in an unknown city and you don’t know where the nearest cab might be? Or as Joshua pointed out, you could have a date night with someone special and all this with Uber.
Is reading a hobby, especially audio books? Audible is great, but what about all that physical media? John has found an answer, and it’s right in the Mac app store. It’s Audio Book Builder.
Do you want a distraction? Do you want to exercise your brain and see just how brilliant you are, and show that brilliance to your friends? Hope recommends Trivia Crack.

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