Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 29: Eat Something

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Welcome to the post-April-Fools, pre-WWDC edition of the Triple-click Home Podcast. This month, Jamie Pauls takes the host’s chair and Lisa Salinger fills in for an ailing Buddy Brannan. Their discussion of the top news stories of the month includes many twists and turns this time around, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Top of the News

Everything to know about iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 (Roundup + New Details)

Lisa recommends the book Cell by Robin Cook

Audioboo / This is got to be the weirdest android voice I have ever heard!

By the numbers: a breakdown of Apple’s Q2 2014 earnings call

Apple v. Samsung jury foreman says the “consumer is the loser”

Nobody knows why Apple would buy Beats, but plenty of people are guessing

Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine expected to become Apple executives as part of Beats acquisition

What if Apple bought Beats not for headphones, but wearables?

Lisa reviews the FitBit in our 2013 holiday special

Walgreens & Walmart testing iBeacons, Motorola Solutions launches iBeacon marketing platform

Spotlight: Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air! It’s the time of year when we throw open the windows and throw out everything we’ve collected over the past year and decide we no longer need. Why not do the same with the apps on our i-devices?

Spring Cleaning iOS: Simple and Essential Maintenance Tips for iPhone & iPad

Community Focus

Journey towards accessibility: We are home!

TestFlight » Fleksy on iOS Beta Recruitment

Sendero Group and RNIB Partner to Release Full-Featured GPS App for UK Users

My Initial Thoughts on the RNIB Navigator App

Accessibility options for iPhone and iPad — Everything you need to know! | iMore

Making DAW Software Accessible for Blind Audio Engineers and Musicians

Solo-Dx Comes to Accessibility Hound

Introducing Perkinput for iOS; the Newest Text Entry Alternative to the Keyboard for Braille Users

App Review: Talking Tuner

Jamie Pauls demonstrates a neat little app for tuning his guitar. He invites listeners to suggest similar apps that they find useful.


From Greg:

Hello all,

You guys have really out done yourselves this year. I nearly fell off my couch when I started listening to That Android Show and Triple Click Home. These are really some of the best shows you guys and gals have done. Keep up the good work.


Greg Wocher(Your friendly neighborhood BlindMan) 🙂

From Tony:

What a great job on episode28, lots of voices, snappy pace, and what made the episode for me were the drop INS. The app demonstrations are a great addition, and the app developer interview was so relevant. My hope is that this is the trend.

All the best,


Another from Tony:

Would you please consider discussing what closing an app really means? For instance, why is it that when I close Pandora, TuneIn, Hourly News, and other audio apps, once closed through the App Switcher, if I do a double finger double tap, audio resumes. Are the apps closed or just resting? Are they eating up battery life? Why bother closing them? If they have a stop button, isn’t that as effective as closing them? Doesn’t seem so. The only way I find to really put them to sleep is by turning off my phone. What’s up with that?



From Jenine:

Very nice guest hosts of TCH this time and love the app demos from Steve and Ana. Those are a fun addition and I grabbed Google Search which I wasn’t using and learned more about Google Maps which I was using but not lately.

OK, so do you guys have any un-fun hosts at Serotalk? 🙂

Jenine Stanley

Wrapping Up

Why your iOS device may be a better cable box than the Apple TV

Apple Store employees switching from iPod touch to iPhone 5s for EasyPay POS system

My Life Without A Smartphone

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