Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 25: Welcome Back to the Present

It’s hard to believe that we have arrived at the end of another year. This month, the Triple-click Home team takes a look at the top Apple stories of 2013. Also, Lisa Salinger brings us a review of the Dropbox app for iOS.

This Year in Apple News

One year, four departed execs, and a lot to be determined for Apple
So, what is Apple’s next big thing going to be?

Insiders “now confident” Apple will launch lower-priced, lightweight iPhone as early as June

Apple beefs up iCloud, Apple ID security with two-step verification

Jony Ive Leaves His Mark As Skeuomorphism Concept Vanishes From One App

Apple announces WWDC 2013 details, promises new iOS and OSX builds

Tim Cook issues an apology to Apple’s Chinese customers

Apple reveals details of 50 billionth App Store download

SeroTalk Podcast 153 Discusses the Accessibility of the Kindle App

WWDC 2013, A Lot of Announcements | MacForTheBlind

Apple posts OS X Mavericks preview page

Nobody Has Tried The Real iOS 7

Voice Dream Interview by Alena Roberts

An App For All Creatures Great and Small — Zoomed In

Seeing Eye GPS: a Turn-by-Turn GPS application for the iPhone Developed Specifically for the Blind

Apple’s cheaper and not so cheap iPhone explained

Why a Gold iPhone 5S Actually Makes Sense

Apple announces the multicolor iPhone 5C, $99 for 16GB

Apple announces iPhone 5S: What you need to know

Blind Bargains: A Review of the BARD Mobile App


This is for the Triple Click Home team.
Perhaps you guys can cover this in the mail bag for the next podcast.
For those of you that are using Mail in standard view, with organize by conversation
enabled, in messages that contain original messages part of a reply, and it says
“see more from sender”. When you activate the link with Control+Option+Space, have
you guys found Voice Over does not do anything when you press the up and down arrow
keys after expanding the rest of the conversation?
Thank you,

Ali Moosa

Hello there!
As always, I was looking forward to the new episode, and, as always, you did not
disappoint me. It was a pleasure to listen to it! 🙂
• I have got very little problems with TouchID on my new 5S. Actually, when I first
set it up, I didn|t have much time to listen to all the instructions and saved one
finger print with three different fingers / right thumb and index finger when holding
iPhone in left hand and left thumb when holding iPhone in right hand. this worked
although I saved it as one finger print.
I did delete it in the meantime and saved the three digits in three finger prints.
• A few days ago, you retweeted a review of Open Office – was it a CNet article_
I think it was.
Has anybody tested Open Office for its accessibility recently? I remember that this
wasn’t too good a while back. Have there been improvements? I am in the middle of
writing my PhD and don’t have much time to play around with office suites. It was
time-consuming and therefore annoying enough that I had to convert a few work-in-progress
documents from RTF to docx. Aaargh!
• quite a large number of people are looking forward to getting RTF back in Pages.
Me too! However, is there a risk that the navigability of tables in Pages is going
to go again, at least in RTF format?
• One last question for now to you and your listeners, a question for which I have
not yet got an answer from Apple nor from an Apple accessibility mailing list in
which I am active:
For links in emails and on websites we can adjust in the VoiceOver settings how they
are announced. That’s fine. Nonetheless, when there is a link in an email and I arrow-key
my way into it, VoiceOver says: “web url detected” – with a voice as if she was breathing
through a helium balloon. There must be a separate setting for this as the verbosity
settings in the VoiceOver Utility don’t seem to have an effect on this phenomenon.
any ideas?
That’s it from me. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season.

Greetings from Ireland,


Hi, it’s me again!
I want to share this with you, but the other email would have got too long, so I
post it here.
I reported the accessibility issues in the file export menu in Pages to Apple Accessibility
and got the following…personal!…response, not the standard template. 😉
In the meantime we can explain the dialog box to allow you to complete the process.
In the Pages File Menu, if you selected Word, then Word is automatically selected
in the export dialog.
If, at that point, you press Enter, then you will be taken to the Save as Dialog
box to choose where you want to save the exported file. The file will export as a
word doc with the default settings of
a) No password required to open the file and
b) Using the .docx format instead of the older .doc ( Word 1997-2003) compatible
If instead you chose PDF in the Export Menu, then the dialog box will default to
PDF as the exported filed type. Pressing Enter will again then take you to the Save
as dialog box with the pre-determined
settings of Good Image quality and no password required to open the file.
If you choose to move within the dialog box, there are 5 tabbed areas: PDF, Word,
Plain Text, ePub, and Pages ’09. These are the 5 Unknown labels you are hearing.
Each has some further text or options associated with each option:
Under PDF, the text reads;
“To Change PDF layout settings, Choose File > Print.”
The PDF options are;
Image Quality: with a pull down menu for Good, Better, or Best. The default is good.
And a check box for Require password to open. The default is unchecked.
Under Word, the options are;
Require password to open check box
and a disclosure triangle revealing the format options pull down menu of .docx or
.docx is the default choice.
Under Plain Text there is only the text;
Create a plain text document that includes only body text without formatting.
Under ePub, the options are;
Three text boxes including Title, Author and Primary Category
and a disclosure triangle revealing an additional text box for Language
as well as a check box for Use the first page as the book cover image. The default
is unchecked.
Under Pages ’09;
The only option is the Require password to open check box.
The default is an unchecked check box.

Markus Böttner

Wrapping Up

From iPad Air to Mac Pro: everything you need to know about Apple’s fall event

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Apple promises to bring back missing iWork for Mac features in six months

All The Changes In iOS 7.1 Beta You’ll Actually Notice

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Apple to Usher in New Age of In-Store Shopping With iBeacon Rollout

The Brilliant Hack That Brought Foursquare Back From the Dead

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