Listen to Triple-click Home episode 24: Luxury Versus Necessity

Help us turn two in this episode of the podcast as the Triple-click Home team discusses all things Mac and iOS includeing Mavericks, iWork and iOS 7. In addition to the news and possibly a rant or two, Jamie Pauls visits with Dmitriy Konopatskiy about the recent changes to the extremely popular image recognition app TapTapSee and what we can expect in future updates to the product. Here is a direct link to TapTapSee in the app store.

Top of the News

Apple Launches OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 For Registered Developers

Apple promises to bring back missing iWork for Mac features in six months

All The Changes In iOS 7.1 Beta You’ll Actually Notice

Sendero GPS LookAround for iOS gets a nice update and goes free:

A review of five iOS navigation apps

Voice Dream Reader, Truly a Dream App

Papa Sangre II on the App Store on iTunes

Blind Bargains: Review: Bring On the Horror With Papa Sangre 2

TapTapSee becomes a paid service

Apple and Samsung together account for… 109% of industry profits

Apple still tops in tablets, despite dwindling market share

Apple maps: how Google lost when everyone thought it had won

Pandora: iTunes Radio? Pshaw. We’re doing just fine.

iPad Air beats the iPad 4 by 80 percent in benchmark tests

iPad Air topped by Kindle Fire HDX in display quality test

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display Review

Surprise! Apple’s now selling the iPad Mini with Retina display online

The Retina iPad Mini teardown reveals cross between iPad Air & iPhone 5s

Apple’s New Fingerprint Scanner Is An Epic Fail For Some


Dear Triple-click Home Team,

I am a vision impaired university student and would like to share my experience with using Windows on my MacBook Pro. For the most part Windows 7 runs the best I’ve ever seen it run on any computer, probably because it’s running on a Mac! I use both Boot Camp and VMWare Fusion 4 when working in the Windows environment when I have to. I only need to run Windows in the first place because of my Transformer, long/short distance viewer.

One thing I would like to note about running Windows on a Mac is that a Mac battery, 7 hours, will be cut down to a Windows battery, 2-3 hours when running Windows on a Mac laptop. Of course one wouldn’t have to worry about battery life reduction when running Windows on a desktop Mac, but because I am a student, I need to be mobile.

One last thing I would like to note is that even when running Windows directly via Boot Camp, my MacBook Pro really heats up more than it would ever when using the Mac side of the computer – probably due to the intense graphics processing and operating system structure. Also, I noticed a few times last year that I got the Blue Screen of Death when directly running Windows. So i have to be careful not to put it to sleep to often when in the Windows environment, especially when I’m just seconds away from needing to use it in class.

Overall, in my opinion, I believe Apple handles the Windows environment really well and just to know when one wants to use the Windows environment, their going to get a Windows environment.

I would greatly appreciate it, and even more important, I believe a brief summary of this email would be good to include in the next Triple-click Home podcast for others to take note of.

From Michael

Michael’s World
Visually Impaired Student

Wrapping Up

Apple will now pay you for a water-damaged iPhone or iPad

The craziest things you can plug into your iPhone’s audio jack

Here’s What Happened When 17 Ordinary People Met Steve Jobs

Audioboo / 2013 DJ Marathon – The Karen Jacobsen Interview In Full

Sprint and Best Buy Team Up to Give Students a Free Phone Line for a Year!

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