Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 22: We’re S People

What should you do while you’re waiting for your i-device to update to iOS 7? Should you bite your fingernails? Repeatedly swipe your phone in hopes that Voiceover will give you some sort of a progress indicator? Why not listen to the latest episode of the Triple-click Home podcast? This month, Alena, Buddy, John, Derek and Jamie all weigh in with their thoughts on the iPhone 5c and 5s as well as iOS 7. Also, Alena Roberts interviews Jonathan Mosen about his new book, iOS 7 Without the Eye. Jonathan and Alena don’t just talk about the book, though. They discuss the state of accessibility in all of Apple’s products and even talk a bit about Android. Yes, you read that right–a discussion of Android on an episode of Triple-click Home. So sit back, don’t touch your i-device while it’s updating, and enjoy the podcast.

The music heard in Alena’s interview was provided courtesy of Andre Louis. Be sure to visit his Web site and purchase his music.

Apple’s overhauled iOS 7 is coming September 18 to an iDevice near you

New Default Ringtones for iOS 7

Apple announces the multicolor iPhone 5C, $99 for 16GB

Apple announces iPhone 5S: What you need to know

iPhone 5S sports new M7 processor to handle motion apps

Apple iPhone 5S camera promises bigger pixels, slow-mo, better image processing

iPhone 5S comes with Touch ID fingerprint scanner

Apple TV Software Update to Arrive Alongside iOS 7 on September 18

Apple TV update adds channels for Vevo, Disney, Weather & Smithsonian

Apple launches iTunes Radio on September 18

Apple’s iWork suite (plus iMovie and iPhoto) free with new iOS devices

For archives of Apple’s live presentations, visit Apple’s Events page

You must buy a new iPhone to use Apple’s now-confirmed trade-in program

Walmart will credit you up to $300 for your old smartphone

PayPal Beacon: Finally an Easier Way to Pay in Stores Than Swiping a Credit Card

Apple patent turns the iPhone into an intelligent universal media, ‘smart home’ remote control


This month, Laura writes us to say:

Hello, musicians:
Has anybody figured out how to use the iPad version of Garage Band with Voice Over?
I would really like to learn.
Laura Mulraney

The team has some great answers to this question so be sure to listen.

Regarding last month’s exploding phone article, regular contributor Jenine Stanley writes:

Funny that you should mention this book. As I download it to read, I asked my dear spouse if I’d see his name in it.

He worked for AT&T for over 35 years and was on the team that chased down some of the phone freaks during their heyday.

He was also on a team of inside hackers who got to try to break things for a living within The Phone Company.

He tells me that the recent revelations regarding NSA are nothing new at all. And that’s all he can tell me as he’s still under certain orders never to talk about what his team did.

He will tell you though that his time on those projects was a geek’s dream.

Jenine Stanley

Triple-click Home Team App Picks

Here is a link to the Apple II e emulator discussed on the podcast

New Podcast: Codename Cygnus for iOS: Play the Hero in your own Secret Agent Drama

Audioboo / Here’s an all too common sound, hopefully redone in a cool way: Tritone

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