Listen to Triple-Click Home Episode 21: Finger Gymnastics

Welcome to the 21st episode of our podcast. We celebrate our 21st birthday with champagne, chocolate, and your feedback. Every party needs cake, and cake needs icing. The icing on our cake this month is an interview with Harri Pasanen, developer of MBraille, the extremely popular Braille keyboard entry app for iOS. Along with our partying, we actually discuss the most interesting news stories of the past month. Grab your favorite beverage, pull up a comfortable chair and let’s get started!

Apple’s cheaper and not so cheap iPhone explained

Why a Gold iPhone 5S Actually Makes Sense

Report: iOS 7 may come to iPhones and iPod touches first, iPads later

7 Facts About The iPhone You Probably Didn’t Know Were True

Your iPhone uses more energy than a refrigerator

Does an iPhone really burn more coal than a refrigerator?

Top 5 secret Siri tips: How to add, find, delete, and do everything faster!

Apple’s Mac sales down in July, to slide 5 percent this quarter

Apple Retail Stores making a play to sell Macs to Windows based business customers

Seemingly benign “Jekyll” app passes Apple review, then becomes “evil”

Apple bans app that wants you to throw your phone in the air

Apple updates App Store review guidelines

Announcing the Newest Inductees into the AppleVis iOS App Hall of Fame

Announcing the release to the Apple Store of the first update to The Seeing Eye GPS™ app for the iPhone, version 1.1.

Downcast for OS X: Download, Play and Synchronize your Favorite Podcasts

Apple shares soar after billionaire investor Carl Icahn calls company ‘extremely undervalued’

Apple’s Tim Cook Talking To Investors…

Apple Acquires Video Discovery Service

Judge says she won’t suspend ruling in Apple e-books case

Apple e-book price-fixing damages trial set for next May

Steve Jobs movie slammed by critics — and Woz

Steve Jobs: Genius, or Just Obsessive?

Recommended Apps

This month, the Triple-click Home Team mentions apps they are still enjoying from last month. Feel free to visit our previous show notes for those recommendations. One new app mentioned by Alena Roberts is the game Wizard’s Choice.

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