Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 19: A Stickler for Sequence

This month, Joshua Loya joins the Triple-click Home team to talk about all things related to Apples WWDC Keynote. Stories discussed in this podcast include:

What Apple revealed at WWDC 2013

Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote video now live

WWDC 2013, A Lot of Announcements | MacForTheBlind

David Woodbridge Technology Blog: Talking Tech for June 11 – Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote – my notes

Which Macs, iPads and iPhones will get Apple’s new goodies?

Apple posts OS X Mavericks preview page

iOS 7 tells Apple users to ‘get excited’ again, says analyst

Apple’s new products won’t cheer investors, says analyst

Hands-on with the new Apple iOS 7

Fleksy keyboard page seems to indicate that Apple will allow third party software keyboards in iOS 7?

iOS App Store will update apps automatically, offer location and age categories

Passbook for iOS 7 to support scanning QR codes

The iPhone finally gets call-blocking in iOS 7

Lawmakers are cautiously optimistic about iOS 7’s ‘Activation Lock’ feature

Apple announces ad based iTunes Radio, ad free for iTunes Match subscribers

Apple’s latest creation is a woman named Mieko Haire

For Apple, an inflection point

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