Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 15: Swear On That

It’s hard to believe, but here we are at episode 15 of the Triple-click Home Podcast. In this show, Buddy Brannan and Alena Roberts are joined by Jamie Pauls to discuss the top news stories of the month. We also have an interview and an app review for you this time around, so enjoy!

The Big Stories

iOS 6.1 out:  Questions and answers

Apple releases 6.1.1 software update to fix iOS 6.1 connectivity problems

iOS 6.1 brings back bug that gives anyone access to your contacts, photos

Now all that’s left is Apple: Macmillan reaches e-book pricing settlement with the DOJ

Google Could Pay Apple $1 Billion Next Year To Remain Default Search Engine On iOS, Report Says

Insiders “now confident” Apple will launch lower-priced, lightweight iPhone as early as June

Report: Apple Prepping Curved Glass Smartwatch

Here’s why Apple needs an iWatch badly, but likely won’t make one

Apple working on technology to benefit hearing aid wearers

ZFS-loving Mac users demand support in OS X 10.9

Why do iPhone and iPad users jailbreak? Freedom

Interview: TapTapSee

The object recognition app TapTapSee has taken the blind community by storm. Alena Roberts and Jamie Pauls interview Brad Folkens, CEO of Net Ideas, LLC about the company, the app, and possible future offerings.

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Resources and AT News

Get a List of Siri Commands Directly from Siri

Use These Special Siri Commands When Dictating Text On iPhone Or iPad [iOS Tips]

What’s Your Type? A Key to Input Methods for VoiceOver Users

New Tech Doctor Podcast Entitled: “iPhone Typing Competition” Listen at your own risk.

New Tech Doctor podcast entitled: BrailleTouch

Febooary 8: Review of AFB AccessNote iPhone app

App review by Lisa Salinger: Amazon Cloud Player

In this month’s app review, Lisa Salinger takes us on a quick tour of the Amazon Cloud Player. She discusses purchasing, downloading and playing content.

Wrapping Up

AI Squared has released ZoomText for the Mac

iPad app replaces physical Bible in New Jersey swear-in ceremony

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