Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 13: We Win

In this podcast, John, Pete and Buddy discuss the top news of the month as well as the biggest stories of the year. Before Alena left for Hawaii, she sat down with Jamie Pauls to give her thoughts on the year’s Apple news. Here are the stories, both past and present, which made our list this month.

Apple needs to learn how the internet works

Apple’s Contract-Free iPhone Could Benefit Every Consumer In America

How T-mobile’s smartphone pricing could change the wireless industry

Tim Cook hates office politics, loves when you email him

Analyst thinks ‘iPhone 5S’ due in June with better camera, NFC, multiple color options

Google releases official Google Maps application for iOS, features turn-by-turn navigation…

iTunes 11 review: Simple is as simple does

Apple January event to focus on publishing, iBooks, report says

Apple to host January 19 ‘education event’ in New York

iPhone turns 5 years old on January 9th

iPad vs. iPad 2 vs. the new iPad

Who wants an iPad Mini? About one buyer in two

Tim Cook Prefers Settling To Suing and Has a Huge Quarter

iPhone 5 launching with 4-inch screen, new Dock connector?

Apple’s $1 Billion Win Over Samsung: Q&A

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display  

Why should I, a Windows user, care about Mountain Lion anyway?

Apple selects TomTom as primary iOS 6 maps provider (update: confirmed)


This month’s email is from Jenine Stanley. She writes:

Hi Guys,

Loved the 12th podcast. I have a couple recommendations for you for apps.

In the time killing games department, I am addicted to 7 Little words.

Sorry, don’t know how much this one costs but you get a daily free puzzle Plus one puzzle zone, 50 puzzles, for free when you start the game.

In this game you have 7 clues and set of letters that form the words to answer the clues.

You must put together the combinations of letters by double tapping on them in order.

So, let’s say you have a clue that reads like:

1. First meal of the day

9 letters

Your choices of letters displayed below all of the 7 clues might be something like:


You would then double tap on BR first then EAC and so on until BREAKFAST is displayed.

You can check which groups of letters you’ve chosen, erase the entire group and get hints.

Your first 15 hints are free. Then you can buy unlimited hints for $1.99.

The entire game, save for one or two buttons is accessible and the unlabeled buttons are easy enough to figure out in context and label. All of the game features are  accessible.

You can earn bonus puzzle zones by completing zones you buy. Buy X number and earn 1 free zone.

On the practical side, I love the app Transit Times. It has the Central Ohio transit authority in it so I can stand at any point in the Columbus metro area and learn what buses come near me, what the nearest stop is to me and when the next bus is supposed to be there. It seems to actually work in real time too with the bus company data. I live along a route with multiple buses and often use other routes with multiple buses so this app is really nice.

It’s completely accessible but does take some getting used to. For example, it’s not really designed to give you the automatic next bus kind of data.

You have to go a couple screens in to get that for your real-time location.

It would be nice to have this as an option on the home screen.

It is designed to give you time tables and other scheduling info and is supposed to help you plan routes with multiple buses. I haven’t gotten that part to work quite the way I’d expected yet, but it you want to know when the next bus is scheduled at your stop, this is a great app.

Finally, for the ladies, although this might come too late for the holidays,

31 Products has a wrist purse that can hold your I-Phone and a lot more.

It’s a nice size little purse that can fit in a coat pocket. You can put your phone in the outside pocket if it has a regular case or inside if it has say an Otterbox defender case as mine does. The inside option is good because it has an adjustable zipper so you can attach the headphones if necessary and control your phone that way without taking it out of your purse.

The wallet part has a zipper pouch, places for credit and business cards and another pocket for change and such It also has a front pocket for your bus ID and other cards you need to get quickly.

I want to say I got it for around $30.00 and it’s available from anyone who is a 31 Products dealer, and trust me, there are lots of blind people out there who are. 🙂

Keep up the great shows guys!

Wrapping Up

Apple v Android: the winner is… the disabled community

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