Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 9: The Slide to Unlock People


Pete Bossley takes the lead role in this month’s episode of the Triple-click Home podcast. After brief greetings all around, Alena Roberts talks about her experiences with a new Braille display and its lack of documentation for the Mac. Here is a link to Apple’s Braille display support page.

Next, the team moves on to …

The Big Story

OSX Mountain Lion Review

Apple: Mountain Lion downloaded 3 Million times in 4 days

Getting started with Voiceover and Mountain Lion

In Other News

Apple Profit Margin May Be Starting To Decline:

The Mac App Store’s Future Of Irrelevance

Why it makes sense for Apple to invest in Twitter

Apple: Samsung, you owe us $2.5B in damages.

Apple doesn’t have to post Samsung apology yet

Justice Department slams Apple, refuses to modify e-book settlement —

SSH to your mac remotely using iCloud

Apple to enhance mobile security with Authentech buy

Review: The iPhone on Straight Talk

Rumor Mill

iPhone 5 NFC roomers

iPhone 5 photos, fall release




New HumanWare iPhone app will get deaf-blind and sighted people talking


This month, Lisa Salinger compares Fleksy, the native iOS keyboard and TypeInBraille. She discusses when you might use each of these approaches to typing on your iOS device. Also, listen to Ricky Enger’s interview with the Fleksy team from the NFB 2012 summer convention.


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