Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 7: Speaking of Electric Sheep

This month, Buddy Brannan leads the Triple-click team in a discussion of the top Mac and iOS news of the month. Here are the stories they discuss:


New MacBook Pro Coming Next Month at WWDC: Retina Display, Thinner, SSD

Apps using global hotkeys will remain welcome in the Mac App Store        

Battle of the Betas: Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion

Apple wins patent for 4G MacBook connectivity

Navigate the Dock in Mac OS X with These 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Hands-on with five antivirus apps for the Mac


Verizon: You can have unlimited data… just no device subsidies

Steve Jobs involved in design of future iPhone, says report

iPhone 5 Rumors Round-up, Might Look Like This [Pics]

Apple on Siri lawsuits: Throw them out and be done with it

Apple Tells Siri To Stop Recommending Nokia

iPhone News – Portable Fuel Cell Charge Can Charge Your iPhone For Weeks

Every iPad mini rumor there’s ever been — all in one place

Apple’s iOS 6 to bring Siri to iPad?

Secure online voting on iOS and Android

ZDNet – Apple may finally be providing their own mapping solution in iOS 6

Wake up call: 59% of mobile apps don’t earn enough to break even


Can Sendero Meet the Challenges and Offer a Full-Featured GPS App That People Will Actually Buy?

How the blind are redefining the iPhone


Screenwriter Sorkin will consult with Woz to pen Steve Jobs biopic

Viacom, Time Warner kiss and make up over iOS app streaming

Foxconn chief weighs in on Apple television. Or not

How Tommy Edison the Blind Film Critic Became a Youtube Sensation:


This Month, Mike Calvo talks with the CEO of about the iGrill, an accessible thermometer for your IOS device. Mike uses this solution along with his Bradley Smoker.

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