Listen to Triple Click Home Episode 4: Beefed Up Book Reader Thing

Alena, Pete and Buddy return again this month with a lot to talk about and plenty of definite opinions to share all around.

In The News

Apple Mac OS X ‘Mountain Lion’ takes more bites out of iOS

Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than it sold Macs in 28 years

Apple responds to iOS contact data sharing: ‘It’s a violation’


Rumor Mill

Apple to announce the iPad 3 on Wednesday, March 7?

Supplier Chatter Points To Smaller 8-inch iPad

iPhone 5 could see June debut at Apple confab, report says

Security and More

Apple’s Android nightmare: Google’s Motorola purchase gets EU OK

Does Apple lull Mac owners into a false sense of security?


Jailbreaking Your iPhone 4S Or iPad 2: Not Nearly As Scary As It Might Sound

iPhone Tactile Screenshot Quick Reference Guide

Why it’s time for the 13-inch MacBook Pro to go away

Georgia Tech’s BrailleTouch is a Braille writer for iPhone

Listen to CSUN coverage on SPN Radio, formerly SAMNet Radio.

Triple Click Quick Tip

Quick Tip: Did iOS 5 Delete Your Apps, Music, and Data? Here’s Help


Everything you need to know about the Apple Education Announcement from Gizmodo

Why iPad Textbooks Are Still Too Expensive for Schools

Braille Under Siege As Blind Turn To SmartPhones

BrailleLiteracy – Braille Comes Unbound From the Book: How Technology can Stop A Literary Crisis

Apps Apps and More Apps

This month, the discussion of apps begins with:

Buddy’s new Aftershokz Wrap-around bone conduction headphones

Listen to Mike and Buddy’s review of these headphones on Serotalk 96.

Next, Alena follows Buddy’s lead from last month and talks about her new iPhone 4s.

Finally, Pete talks about Net Master, an app he uses with his job.


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