Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 3: A Couple Of Few


Welcome back to our show! This is our second episode with Alena and she is sure fired up for the things we want to talk about this month…


In The News

We want to let the dust settle some before we speculate about the January 19th Apple event, however, we do comment some based upon

this early story that took place prior to the new iBooks 2 debut.

We also found this article on the current landscape of screen reader access to eBooks a good companion piece to the speculation article listed above.

Can you believe it? The iPhone is five years old!

Comcast streams TV to your iPad, are any of these media apps ever going to be accessible? In the case of the Comcast app, um no.

Can’t find an Apple Store near you? Soon you may be able to find one in a Target retail outlet

Announcement! Accessible Firefox on Mac – things are ramping up!

Woz praises Android, blasts iPhone limitations

Some Apple related stories made it into the Blind Bargains Top Ten list for 2012. Check out the SeroSpectives show on This Year in AT to know more.


The Rumor Mill Grinds On

If you follow Apple news, you know that you can’t escape the many rumors about what is next. Here are a few that caught our ear this month.

Will we see the iPad 3 in March?

Will the iPad 3 have a quad core and LTE features?

Is iOS 5.1 in line for a March release as well?

Apple to add Facebook to iOS 5.1 support?


Apps, Apps And More Apps

Congrats to iBlink Radio for being one of the first apps inducted into the Apple Vis “App Hall of Fame”! See the full list of inductees and be sure to vote on future members to this fantastic resource to our community.

As a follow up to our last episode, Navigon updates but not everyone is happy  according to this Apple Vis discussion

Also as another follow up, Sprint has begun to remove Carrier IQ

This is a great article about the App Switcher and closing apps. Clearing the app switcher: False voodoo magic?:

Buddy admits that his new app isn’t an app. It’s hardware, as in he has a brand spaking new iPhone 4s!

Alena is playing with a Universal Remote app but she really just likes Digit for it’s accessible TV listings.

The Aftershock Headphones uses bone conduction technology. Both Pete and Buddy have ordered this cool audio gear and we look forward to a report from them on how they sound.



Macy sent in an iReport asking the 3ch gang about their suggestions for durable iPhone cases. The Otterbox line was unanimously singled out as the place to start her search.