Listen to Triple-click Home Episode 1: Why So Sirious?


Welcome everyone to the SeroTalk Podcast network’s new show about all things Apple, VoiceOver and iEverything. Your hosts Jeff Bishop, Peter Bossley and Buddy Brannan will guide you through the world of iOS and OSX each month with news , commentary and a few surprises along the way.


The Launch, Postmortem: Boom or Bust?


In our first portion of the show we discuss the good and bad of the recent iPhone launch.

The iPhone 4s, the review

Sprint sees record sales of iPhone 4s

Sprint investigating iPhone issues

Apple says battery issues are related to iOS5 bugs, fixes coming in a few weeks

4s users complaining of audio issues

The secret payload of the iPhone 4s, Bluetooth 4.0

Apple releases iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 2

Setting up your iCloud with the family in mind

Apple lets their lossless format go open source


Siri: The Real Deal, or Just a Gimmick

We’ve had some time to try and convince Siri to marry us, to ask it the meaning of life and on one rare occasion we did some productive things with it as well. But is this the feature you are looking for or just a sales ploy? We discuss that and more in this section of the show.

Siri co-founder leaves after launch

Siri gives Apple a two year advantage over Android

Siri, Notes and iCloud make a great notetaking tool

Siri, how much data do you gobble up in a month?



We take some time out to have a conversation about Apps that caught our ears this month.

Apple acquires mind blowing mapping company, are Apple’s maps about to take it to the next level?

Google releases native Gmail app for iPhone, iPad

Why Sandboxing makes me sad

Apple pushes back sandboxing deadline as devs struggle with tradeoffs


The Steve Jobs Biography

Several of us have read the recently released bio of Steve jobs. We take some time to talk about the book and how it portrays the apple Co-Founder.

Review of the Book

Some of the interview footage used for the book was shown on CBS’s 60 Minutes

Steve Jobbs solved the innovators dilemma

Steve jobs: the Movie


GarageBand for iOS

In our first interview segment, we welcome our guest Patrick Perdue who will tell us a bit about the new GarageBand for iOS.

Release notes for Garage Band iOS version 1.01


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